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About Data Quest Group

Data Quest Group makes data science and supply chain expertise available to companies of all sizes. We do this by leveraging cloud technologies and machine learning to scale expertise. This means that we can deliver our expertise at a fraction of the cost of traditional supply chain solution providers. Our approach aims to deliver 80% of the value at less than 1% of the cost of traditional solution providers.
We are also available for traditional consulting engagements in the fields of data science and supply chain. This is one of the ways we stay in touch with the ever evolving needs of our customers.
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Other Apps

We are working on a range of supply chain apps that build on the time series forecast and will culminate in a full forecasting and replenishment suite. Apps slated for 2019 include:

  • Safety Stock Calculator (Service Level Based)
  • Supplier Scorecard
  • Inventory Health Diagnostic
  • Replenishment
  • We are working on a full featured replenishment solution for small business. In the interim we have made available (for free) a spreadsheet that can be used with our forecasting app. This smart replenishment spreadsheet includes 80% of a professional grade replenishment at 0% of the cost.
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Services we offer

We are also available for traditional consulting engagements. We have deep expertise in the following areas:

Inventory Health Diagnostic

Have you ever wondered what your ideal inventory investment level is? We have decades of experience answering this question by modeling your inventory from the lowest level (sku) up. Projects are typically turned around within a week and can be done on site or remotely depending on your requirements and budget. This analysis will help you understand how much cash could be freed up from inventory by implementing better supply chain processes.

Inventory Optimization/Forecasting and Replenishment

In most companies inventory is the single largest capital investment. Properly managing this investment frees up cash and allows companies to take advantage of growth opportunities, from new products to new stores. We have decades of experience helping organizations of all sizes optimize their inventory investments to realize growth and improve service levels.

JustEnough(now Mi9) Implementation and Support

Our founder (Walter Ferreira) has more than 20 years experience implementing and supporting world class forecasting and replenishment systems, including JustEnough (now Mi9). As employee #1 at JustEnough 15 years ago, Walter brings deep understanding of both systems and process to the table.


Training in core concepts of inventory modeling and replenishment. Each concept is covered in detail from purpose to calculation and practical application. Concepts covered include:

  • Safety Stock
  • Replenishment Cycle and Review period
  • Lead Time
  • Supplier Performance Evaluation
  • Forecasting and Demand Management
  • Replenishment
  • Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)
Time Series Forecasting

If you have prediction problems in your business that you need help solving we would love to hear from you. The current iteration of our time series forecasting app will fit 80% of prediction problems, but if you need to solve the last 20% we can help. Examples of problems we have experience solving include:

  • Promotional impact on sales
  • Forecasts for seeding the budgeting process
  • Correlation of macro economic factors to sales
  • Bottom up forecasts vs top down forecasts
  • Forecast allocation algorithms
  • Turning forecasts into action
  • Forecast exception management
  • Forecast quality assessment
Data Engineering for Machine Learning

As the saying goes: “garbage in, garbage out”. We can help you make sure that the correct data is being fed to the most appropriate machine learning algorithm to deliver optimal results. More than 80% of the work that goes into any machine learning problem involves data preparation. This includes data cleansing and feature engineering. By ensuring your data is gathered and prepared correctly you help ensure the success of your machine learning investments.


We offer SQL development and query optimization services. We have particularly strong experience in Microsoft (MSSQL) and Postgres SQL. Our own tools are built on Postgres but many of your customers use Microsoft SQL servers.

Data Warehousing

Whether you have been accumulating data for decades or are just starting, we can help you design an optimal data warehouse. Most companies are in search of the holy grail of “a single version of the truth”. It all starts with a properly designed and implemented data warehouse.

Tableau Design and Develpment

We have more than a decade of experience visualizing data using Tableau. We have built Tableau visualizations on a variety of data sources from SQL views and tables to excel spreadsheets. We also have experience installing and deploying visualizations to web and mobile devices using Tableau Server. A small sampling of reports we have built using SQL and Tableau include:

  • Supplier Scorecards
  • Warehouse Performance Measurements
  • Inventory Health Reporting (Stock Turn, Days on Hand, Availability, Surplus Orders, Potential Stockouts etc)
  • Customer Analytics
  • Budgeting and Planning
  • Call Center Performance
  • Sales Reporting by Geography

Contact us

For more information on any of our applications or services please contact us via email or phone:

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