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Need a forecast? No data scientist? No problem! Use our app to easily forecast any aspect of your business. Our app is simple and easy to use making it ideal for small businesses that don’t have data scientists on staff. No statistics or mathematics experience required. You can also use our free spreadsheet-based replenishment calculator to optimize your inventory levels.

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Pricing could not be simpler. Get started with 10 free forecasts, no payment information required. After that pay 20 cents (US) per forecast. No contract or ongoing commitment.

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Small Business Forecasting Examples

Below are some examples of how our customers are using small business forecasts to improve their cash flow and optimize inventory levels.

Sales Forecasting for Replenishment

ACME Widgets is a fictitious retailer that sells 20 different widgets which they purchase for resale from a widget manufacturer in Wisconsin. ACME Widgets is a small business and cannot afford to tie up a lots of cash in inventory, so they would like to keep an optimal amount of inventory on hand to service their customers. They use small business forecasting as follows:

  • They upload 3 years of historic sales data by month for all 20 widgets.
  • Within seconds they are able to review sales forecasts in graphical form for each item to make sure the predictions make sense and that trends are in line with expectations.
  • They enter these forecasts into the DQG replenishment spreadsheet to calculate optimal replenishment quantities for each widget.
  • Finally they cut purchase orders for the next widget delivery from their supplier.
  • At 20c per forecast this entire process costs $4 per month and improves their cash flow by thousands of dollars.

Sales Budget Forecasting

ACME Pets is a fictitious retailer that sells a wide variety of pet products, from pet beds to treats. Every month they budget sales for the next 12 months which helps them plan cash flow and inventory requirements. They budget sales for each of their categories: Pet Food, Pet Treats, Pet Toys, Pet Beds and Pet Grooming. They use small business forecasting as follows:

  • Every month they upload 5 years of historic sales by month for each of their 5 categories.
  • Within seconds they are able to view and download a 12 month sales forecast for each category by month.
  • They review each category forecast and validate trends. Where trends are outside of expectations they work with the business units to explore options for improving trends.
  • After review the forecasts are entered into their budgeting tool and new inventory and purchasing targets are established by month.
  • At 20c per forecast this process is costing them $1/month to optimize hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and purchasing budgets.

Finished Goods Forecasting for MRP (Materials Requirement Planning)

ACME Tool Group is a fictitious manufacturer that manufactures and distributes tools. They base their materials requirement planning on a 6 month finished goods forecast. Their spreadsheet based MRP process does not have a very good forecasting module so they use small business forecasting as follows:

  • Every month they upload 3 years of historic sales by month for each of the 20 tools they manufacture.
  • Within seconds they are able to review 12 month forecasts by month for each tool in graphical form to make sure trends make sense and are in line with expectations.
  • Next they download the forecasts in spreadsheet format and input the values into their MRP tool.
  • The process costs $4/month and greatly improves their tens of thousands of dollars inventory investment.

Easy as 1-2-3

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3-View Forecasts

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Features and Functionality

  • 10 Free Forecasts
  • Only 20c per forecast after your 10 free forecasts
  • Simple to use, no math or statistics experience needed
  • Forecasts are visualized as line graphs for easy review and trend spotting
  • Forecasts can be downloaded in spreadsheet format
  • SECURE - Your data is kept secure using SSL for end to end encryption
  • Uses the Prophet forecast engine
  • Prophet is robust to missing data and shifts in trend, and handles outliers well
  • High quality time series models based on an additive model where non-linear trends are fit with yearly, weekly and daily seasonality as well as holiday effects
  • Easy to understand metrics including Bias, Coverage, MAPE and MAE
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